JSF Technologies Product Brochure jsftech_brochure_web.pdf


24 Hour Flashing Beacon Data Sheets

1400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_fl1400.pdf
2400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_fl2400.pdf
3400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_fl3400.pdf
5801-E Stop Sign jsft_datasheet_fl5801-e.pdf
7400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_fl7400.pdf
RRFB: 9200 Single Sided jsft_datasheet_fl9200.pdf
RRFB: 9400 Dual Sided jsft_datasheet_fl9400.pdf


Crosswalk Beacon Data Sheets

1400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_ab1400.pdf
2400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_ab2400.pdf
3400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_ab3400.pdf
4400 Series Solar Remote Transmitter jsft_datasheet_ab4400.pdf
4500 Series Hand Held Transmitter jsft_datasheet_ab4500.pdf
4612 Series Remote Transmitter jsft_datasheet_ab4612.pdf
5801-J Activated Sign jsft_datasheet_ab5801-j.pdf
7400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_ab7400.pdf
RRFB: 9200 Single Sided jsft_datasheet_ab9200.pdf
RRFB: 9400 Dual Sided jsft_datasheet_ab9400.pdf
RRFB: 9200 Single Sided AC Version jsft_datasheet_ab9200-ac.pdf
RRFB: 9400 Dual Sided AC Version jsft_datasheet_ab9400-ac.pdf


School Zone Beacon Data Sheets

School Zone System Overview jsft_datasheet_szintro.pdf
1400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_sz1400.pdf
2400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_sz2400.pdf
3400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_sz3400.pdf
5801-J Scheduled Crossing Sign jsft_datasheet_sz5801-j.pdf
5801-U Scheduled School Zone Sign jsft_datasheet_sz5801-u.pdf
7400 Series Beacons jsft_datasheet_sz7400.pdf
RRFB: 9200 Single Sided jsft_datasheet_sz9200.pdf
RRFB: 9400 Dual Sided jsft_datasheet_sz9400.pdf



JSF Tech SZ Diagnostic 4V checklist-diagnostic-sz4v.pdf
Checklist for 4V School Zone systems

JSF Tech SZ Diagnostic 12V checklist-diagnostic-sz12v.pdf
Checklist for 12V School Zone systems

JSF Tech Click Counter Program ClickCount.exe
App used with JSFT Activation Counter modules.

JSF Tech Communication Drivers
32-bit drivers for JSFT Activation Counter modules and Schoolzone Beacons.

JSF Tech USB Programmer schedulerinstaller.exe
App used to program JSFT SZ-100 Schoolzone Beacons.
JSF Tech Beacon App - USB/Cell Programmer BeaconAppInstaller.exe
App used to program JSFT SZ-200 Schoolzone Beacons.

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