Frequently asked questions about JSFT Beacons:

If you have an older SZ-100 (1-dial) control board, you will need to use the “Offline Scheduler” ( If you have the newer SZ-200 (no dial) control board, you will need to use the “Beacon App” (

All of our software is downloadable from our website here, and a copy of your required credentials is included with your beacon packaging. These credentials will allow you to download the program. If you cannot locate your credentials, please contact us for assistance.

Make sure that you are pairing systems that are from the same generation (4V with 4V, 12V with 12V). Also check to ensure that all paired systems are set to the same network address on the control board.

Check to ensure that the battery voltages are around 12.4V and above (in 12V systems), and make sure that the wire connections are installed correctly to the labeled terminal blocks. Also check to see if the wires are pinched or visibly damaged. To test the beacons, rotate the “Flash Pattern” dial to “Test”. If they are still not flashing, contact us for assistance.

In some cases, yes, but you will need to check with us first to ensure that we are able to supply you with the correct board for your beacon. We will need to know your beacon’s Serial Number in order to determine what type of board would need to be supplied.

Contact your local distributor – they are listed under the “Contact Us” tab on our website. You will need to have the Serial Number of the knocked-down unit when you make your query, to ensure compatibility of any replacement beacons provided.

We do not sell poles, and the only signs we currently sell are the ones that come embedded with LEDs.

No, we do not install. We are the manufacturer of the beacons, and our dealers you purchase through can provide or source installation services for you.

Yes, however you can also source them locally. Contact us for specifics so that you can be sure to only purchase JSFT-approved replacement batteries.

No – our standard colours include yellow, black and green, for no additional charge. If you require other colours, a custom colour fee would apply.

In some cases, yes, but this is determined by the vintage of your beacons. Contact us with the Serial number of the beacon in question and we will let you know what your options are for swapping LEDs.

We have an extensive dealer network throughout North America, and encourage you to contact a dealer in your local area. If you are unable to find a local dealer, contact us for assistance at

In territories where we have “Exclusive” dealers, there is not a current opportunity to become a dealer in that area. In all other areas, contact us at to discuss being added to our valued dealer network.