The JSF Tech 24-Hour Flashing Beacons and Sign systems bring drivers’ attention to any stop sign or warning sign that needs greater visibility, such as sharp curve signs, animal crossing signs and new traffic pattern signs. They are effective in applications from small parking lots, school campuses, and residential streets, to large highways.


24 Hour Flashing Beacons
  • Solar powered: Designed to run continuously, each unit is completely self-contained and needs no external power, eliminating electrical bills and expensive trenching. Also available as Hybrid for AC compatibility.
  • Flexible: Available in 8” or 12” LED signals, single or dual lights, with housing in yellow, green, black or custom color. Also available as LED-embedded signage, with solar enclosure available in yellow, green, black or custom color.
  • Adaptable: Mounting available to fit all pole sizes and types, and side and overhead mounting.
  • High Quality: Designed, built and manufactured in Canada.
  • Simple installation: Pre-assembled parts, quick-connect wiring, no trenching, no power grid connection, can be installed in minutes to minimize traffic disruption.
  • Durable: Powder-coated single aluminum enclosure for solar panel and components is compact and discrete, deterring vandalism and enhancing the streetscape. UV-resistant yet lightweight polycarbonate beacon head reinforced with a steel rod, and impact-resistant polycarbonate LED lens ensure years of durability.


24-Hour Flashing: 1400 Series, Single, pole top mounting.


24-Hour Flashing: 2400 Series, Dual, pole top mounting


24-Hour Flashing: 3400 Series, Dual, overhead mounting.


LED-Embedded Sign


24-Hour Flashing: 7400 Series, Dual, vertical pole mounting.

Other configurations also available!

Our modular design allows easy customization, plus our in-house design and engineering team can create solutions for your unique application or functional requirement. For more information, inquire here.