When you need traffic safety beacons with a flexible schedule, JSF Tech’s SZ Series can accommodate a changing calendar or unforeseen weather or other road conditions. For school zones, you can let drivers know about reducing their speed, and program multiple school year calendars in advance online. For playgrounds zones, speed reduction signs can be illuminated during the hours they are in effect. And for intermittent weather alerts or other road hazards, you can activate warning signs immediately from a distance.


SZ-Series - Features

  1. Solar powered: Each unit is completely self-contained and needs no external power, eliminating electrical bills.
  2. Cellular connection: For ultimate flexibility and convenience, choose the cellular modem-enabled series for remote programming and diagnostic reporting
  3. Adaptable: Mounting available to fit all pole sizes and types, and side and overhead mounting.
  4. Reliable: Energy management system ensures operation under all environmental conditions.
  5. Flexible: Adjustable flash pattern and activation duration to accommodate varying traffic conditions.
  6. Simple installation: Pre-assembled parts, quick-connect wiring, no power grid connection and radio activation means no trenching, minimal traffic disruption, requires only 1-3 people to install.
  7. Direct connection: In areas without cell service, scheduling and diagnostics can be uploaded and retrieved through a direct USB connection to a laptop.
  8. High Quality Designed, built and manufactured in Canada.
  9. Durable: Powder-coated single aluminum enclosure for solar panel and components is compact and discrete, deterring vandalism and enhancing the streetscape.


RRFB-Dual Sided


RRFB-Single Sided


School Zone: 7400 Series, Dual, vertical pole mounting.


School Zone LED-Embedded Warning Signs


School Zone: 3400 Series, Dual, overhead mounting.


School Zone: 2400 Series, Dual.


School Zone: 1400 Series, Single.

Other configurations also available!

Our modular design allows easy customization, plus our in-house design and engineering team can create solutions for your unique application or functional requirement. For more information, inquire here.

SZ products now available with downloadable Windows application for beacon scheduling. Coming soon: Web-Based JSFT Beacon App

About SZ Series Beacons

Beacons can be installed anywhere with cellular reception* or in places without, via direct connection. A preset flash schedule can be created using the web-based JSF Tech Beacon App and sent to the beacons wirelessly online, or with a laptop and USB with our offline scheduler. Beacons can also be activated using a cellular-enabled mobile device. The programming can store multiple years and varying schedules, and diagnostic information can be accessed from cellular Primary Beacons.

Each Programmable Beacon set consists of two beacon types: Primary and Secondary. The Primaries store the programmed flash schedule and, if cellular-enabled, contain modems. The Secondaries receive daily on/off signals from the Primaries. Any number of Secondary beacons can be linked to a Primary beacon within range. When a Primary receives an activation command, it relays this command to all Secondary beacons within range in the series.