Construction Sites and Zones

Construction sites are busy, ever-changing and potentially very dangerous places. Traffic control signs alone may not be enough to ensure that everyone remains safe. JSF Tech offers a range of beacons and systems designed to help keep drivers, vehicles and pedestrians safe while the job gets done. And because all our products are solar powered, completely self-contained, and need no wiring to operate or be activated, they can easily be adapted to all kinds of work sites, at any stage of construction.

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The JSF Tech Pedestrian-Activated Crosswalk System brings extra attention to crosswalks, giving drivers a clear warning and allowing them time to safely stop for pedestrians. Perfect for mid-block and un-signalized crossings in both permanent or temporary locations, the JSF Crosswalk System is adaptable to any road type (2-lane, 4-lane, or one-way), as well as busy parking lots and school campuses. Advance beacons can also be placed ahead of a crossing to give added notification to motorists on busy streets or areas with limited visibility.

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Emergency Vehicle Warning Systems

When emergency crews need to leave the station, and every second matters, they can’t be held up while waiting for traffic to clear. The JSF Tech Emergency Vehicle Warning System helps get them on the roadway quickly and safely. Stop beacons can be installed on the roadways approaching an emergency vehicle exit, and can easily be activated using a station-mounted remote transmitter, or with a portable remote transmitter inside an emergency vehicle.

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LED-Embedded Flashing Signs

Traffic signs of all kinds are easily overlooked, ignored or can simply escape a drivers attention. JSF Technologies 5800 Series adds solar-powered flashing LEDs to any traffic sign to help them get noticed and improve compliance. These LED-embedded flashing signs can be configured to run 24 hours a day, or they can be activated by pedestrians or personnel, or scheduled as part of our School Zone (SZ) series system.

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Playground Zones

Flashing lights have been shown to slow down drivers in reduced-speed zones near playgrounds and schools, but this can be challenging: these zones can cover large, irregular areas, involving several streets, and often need scheduling for the specific hours reduced speeds are in effect. JSF Tech’s SZ Series is specifically designed to meet these challenges. Solar power and wireless communication allow flashing beacons to be installed without trenching, and each unit can be up to 0.5 miles (800 m) apart, with line of sight. And online or direct programming makes scheduling easier than ever.

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School Zones

Improving traffic safety in School Zones has unique challenges: you may need to cover a large area, and to vary the activation pattern for time of day and for school days during the year. JSF Tech’s SZ Series for School Zones is specifically designed to meet these challenges, allowing you to alert drivers to speed reductions for certain hours of the day, incorporate school zone crosswalks, and program multiple school year calendars in advance, online. You can also make instant changes to the calendar, as needed, through the online system. And because beacons are connected wirelessly (up to 0.5 miles (800 m) apart, with line of sight), the system can fit school zones of all shapes and sizes.

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Seasonal Road Conditions

Changes in the weather can create hazardous road conditions without warning. When you need to respond immediately to such changes, or need to schedule regular seasonal or daily road condition warnings, the JSF Tech Remote Scheduling system will allow you to alert drivers to these events. The JSF Tech Remote Scheduling system runs on a preset schedule. It is ideal for beacons that shouldn't be on all the time, and only need to be on at certain times of the day or during special events. This system can also be a solution for beacons that need to run unexpectedly by request, not on a schedule at all.

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