Construction sites are busy, ever-changing and potentially very dangerous places. Traffic control signs alone may not be enough to ensure that everyone remains safe. JSF Tech offers a range of beacons and systems designed to help keep drivers, vehicles and pedestrians safe while the job gets done. And because all our products are solar powered, completely self-contained, and need no wiring to operate or be activated, they can easily be adapted to all kinds of work sites, at any stage of construction.

24-Hour Continuous Models

The FL Series of beacons is meant to run 24 hours a day, and is completely autonomous. This series brings added attention to signs that require greater visibility and compliance, such as Stop Signs, Caution Signs, and Wrong Way signs.

FL Series »

Manual On/Off Switching Models

For limited or specific use, the FL series can be equipped with a wire for connection to an on/off switch, to enable manual on and off operation as needed.

FL Series »

Dusk to Dawn/Dawn to Dusk Models

If your location only requires lighting at night, or only during the day, the FL series can also be configured to automatically run from dusk to dawn, or from dawn to dusk.

FL Series »

Remote On/Off Switching Models

For remote activation, the AB Series of beacons can be operated from a handheld transmitter or remotely mounted transmitter.

AB Series »