The JSF Tech Pedestrian-Activated Crosswalk System brings extra attention to crosswalks, giving drivers a clear warning and allowing them time to safely stop for pedestrians. Perfect for mid-block and un-signalized crossings in both permanent or temporary locations, the JSF Crosswalk System is adaptable to any road type (2-lane, 4-lane, or one-way), as well as busy parking lots and school campuses. Advance beacons can also be placed ahead of a crossing to give added notification to motorists on busy streets or areas with limited visibility.

  • Solar powered: Each unit is completely self-contained: no external power, no electrical bills.
  • Simple installation: Pre-assembled parts, quick-connect wiring, no trenching, no power grid connection, can be installed in minutes to minimize traffic disruption.
  • Durable: Powder-coated single aluminum enclosure, the cabinet-free design deters vandalism and enhances the streetscape. Proven performance down to -40C/-40F and in snowy conditions
  • High Quality: Designed and manufactured in North America
  • Adaptable: Mounting available to fit all pole sizes and types, and side and overhead mounting.
  • Customizable: Modular design allows easy customization, plus our in-house design and engineering team can create solutions for your unique application or functional requirement.
  • Smart engineering: appropriate solar sizing for each location, maximum power efficiency in a small size
AB-1408 single flashing beacon


Pedestrian Activated: 1400 Series, Single.


Pedestrian Activated: 2400 Series, Dual.
AB-3412 mast arm mount flashing beacons with 20W solar engine


Pedestrian Activated: 3400 Series, Dual, Overhead mounting.
AB-4400 solar engine


Remote Transmitter: Pedestrian Activated, Solar Powered.
AB-4502 remote transmitter


Manual Activation Hand Held Transmitter
AB-4612 Remote transmitter


Remote Transmitter: Pedestrian Activated, Cabinet Mounted.
AB-5800 LED flashing crosswalk sign


Pedestrian-Activated Crosswalk Sign


Pedestrian Activated: 7400 Series, Dual, Vertical pole mounting.
AB-9207 RRFB with 20W solar engine


RRFB-Single Sided
AB-9407 RRFB with 20W solar engine


RRFB-Dual Sided

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