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man safely crossing street at crosswalk

Crosswalk and Illumination Systems are purpose-built traffic safety solutions designed to enhance pedestrian safety by improving pedestrian visibility and increasing awareness among motorists.

These devices go beyond their primary role of safeguarding pedestrians, actively contributing to the overall safety and quality of life in urban areas. Moreover, they serve as integral components in urban planning and contemporary transportation infrastructure.

The combined use of these solutions yields a substantial improvement in roadway safety. Their integrated approach involves advanced warnings and notifications, offering benefits to all roadway users and by enhancing the overall safety and livability of urban environments.

Crosswalk with a illumination lighting for sign



Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs)

​Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) are innovative pedestrian crossing devices designed to enhance safety at crosswalks. These lightbar beacons feature dual rapidly flashing LED lights in a rectangular pattern, drawing attention to pedestrians crossing the street. RRFBs have been shown to significantly increase driver yielding behavior, making them a valuable tool in improving pedestrian safety.

  • High Visibility Flashing Pattern: RRFBs use a distinctive rapid flashing pattern to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians. The irregular flashing is designed to draw attention and convey urgency.

  • Crosswalk Yield Compliance: RRFBs are effective in increasing driver compliance with yielding to pedestrians at crosswalks. The attention-grabbing flashes help ensure that drivers notice pedestrians and respond appropriately.

  • Improved Safety Perception: Studies have shown that RRFBs can contribute to an improved perception of safety among pedestrians, encouraging more people to use crosswalks.

  • Simple Installation: RRFBs are often relatively easy to install and can be a practical solution for retrofitting existing crosswalks without the need for major infrastructure changes.

  • Versatility: RRFBs can be used in conjunction with other traffic control measures and are adaptable to different traffic conditions and pedestrian volumes.

Safety Beacon for school zone walkway



Crosswalk Illumination with LED Crosswalk Beacon

Single or Dual Sided RRFB LED Light Bar


Single of Dual Activated LED Embedded Sign

Dual 8" or 12" Round Horizontal Activated LED Beacon

Dual 8" or 12" Round Activated LED Beacons

Various configurations available!

Our modular design allows easy customization. Our in-house design and engineering team can create tailor-made solutions for your unique application or requirement.

For more information, inquire here.

Bikepath building.jpg


Illuminated crosswalk
Lumiwalk logo

Through select partnerships, JSF Technologies has developed a new standard of advanced intelligent lighting systems. Introducing LumiWalk, a union of our AB Series crosswalk beacons with overhead illumination.

Vertical Luminance created by overhead crosswalk lighting is key to higher visibility of pedestrians. That heightened visibility paired with our crosswalk beacons creates optimal crosswalk lighting.

Lumiwalk crosswalk beacon and illumination
Applied information logo


Add NEW A.I. Smart City Solutions to your beacons 

Easily view and control school beacon flashers

Advanced scheduling, scenarios, and override

A.I. system monitors your beacon flashers and alerts you with a text or email to any problems with power and other components, saving you time and money to check them manually.

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