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pedestrian crossing in Whistler
WP6 controller

JSF Technologies is proud to introduce WP6, the next generation of high-performance system controllers for ITS applications with integration in mind! 

Contact sales today to add the NEW WP6 controller to your products or begin the replacement of the WP5


WP 6 logo
Crosswalk in Whistler

Designed to revolutionize intelligent traffic and illumination system applications.

The WP6  can be customized and programmed to meet specific requirements, allowing distributors and customers to tailor the controller to their particular needs. Whether managing traffic signals, pedestrian crossings, or street lighting, WP6's versatility ensures it can accommodate various configurations and operational scenarios, providing flexibility and scalability as requirements evolve.

Extended Wireless Range

 Experience unparalleled wireless communication reliability with a range of over 2,000 meters.

On-Board User Interface (OBUI): Equipped with a user-friendly menu and four intuitive action buttons for effortless operation.

Daytime & Nighttime Intensity Adjustment: Adjust intensity levels from 10% to 100% for optimal visibility under varying lighting conditions.

Flexible LED Module Accommodation: Support up to eight LED modules, including RRFBs, Rounds, LED Signs, and Luminaires, offering extensive configuration possibilities.

Versatile Radio Configuration: Choose from 64 radio channel selections with the flexibility to configure up to 1664 independent Radio Networks to suit diverse operational needs.

Integration Capabilities: Benefit from five GPIO ports for seamless integration with third-party devices, enhancing system functionality.

Dedicated AUX Input: Facilitate RS232 interface integration with a dedicated AUX input for enhanced connectivity and compatibility.

Customizable Flash Settings: Tailor flash duration settings from 1 second to 99 days, providing precise control of signal and illumination patterns.

System-to-System Flash Synchronization: Achieve synchronized flash patterns across multiple systems for enhanced visibility and safety.

System data collection and storage (90-days):

System activations, system activity configuration changes and system health & diagnostics

USB-C Connectivity:  Seamlessly connect to the JSFT Configuration App for streamlined configuration and management.

In-Field Firmware Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements through convenient firmware updates via the USB-C connection.

Dedicated AUX Input: Facilitate RS232 interface integration with a dedicated AUX input for enhanced connectivity and compatibility.

WP6 quick installation
WP6 Dedicated AUX Input

Rapid Installation:  Quick connections minimize setup and installation times, reducing over-all costs of system installation. 

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