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Flashing Beacons and LED Embedded Signs play pivotal roles across various applications, serving as indispensable tools for enhancing both vehicle and pedestrian safety on roads and highways.

Static regulatory and warning signs are vital components of traffic safety, designed for easy recognition and understanding of legal requirements. Equipped with reflective sheeting, they work optimally in good conditions but face challenges in darkness or adverse weather.

To overcome these challenges, implementing technologies such as JSF Technologies Flashing Beacons and LED Embedded Signs can markedly enhance the visibility and awareness of regulatory and warning signs, particularly in areas where compliance is paramount for road and highway safety.

In summary, 24-hour flashing beacons are versatile tools used in traffic management to improve safety, increase awareness, and communicate essential information to drivers. Their visibility and attention-grabbing nature make them valuable in a variety of situations where enhanced communication with drivers is crucial.



Add NEW A.I. Smart City Solutions to your beacons 

  • Easily view and control school beacon flashers

  • Advanced scheduling, scenarios, and override

A.I. system monitors your beacon flashers and alerts you with a text or email to any problems with power and other components, saving you time and money to check them manually.

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 All AB Series solutions are equipped with JSF Technologies WP6 Wireless Signal & Lighting Controller

  • On-Board User Interface (OBUI): Equipped with a user-friendly menu and four intuitive action buttons for effortless operation.

  • USB-C Connectivity:  Seamlessly connect to the JSFT Configuration App for streamlined system configuration and management. 

  • In-Field Firmware Updates: Stayup-to-date with the latest enhancements through convenient firmware updates via the USB-C connection.


  • Extended Wireless Range: Experience unparalleled wireless communication reliability with a range of over 2,000 meters.

  • System-to-System Flash Synchronization: Achieve synchronized flash patterns across multiple systems for enhanced visibility and safety.

  • Versatile Radio Configuration: Choose from 64 radio channel selections with the flexibility to configure up to 1664 independent Radio Networks to suit diverse operational needs.


  • Customizable Flash Settings: Tailor flash duration settings from 1 second to 99 days, providing precise control of signal and illumination patterns.


  • Daytime & Nighttime Intensity Adjustment: Adjust intensity levels from 10% to 100% for optimal visibility under varying lighting conditions.

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