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Smart city

Scheduling Made Easy

Need to adjust your schedule or make change due to weather? No Problem. With Glance you can adjust and set schedules remotely.

Smart Alerts

Applied Information's School Beacon system provides text and email alerts based on criteria you set. Know instantly if there are problems.

Power Monitoring

Glance lets you remotely monitor and track AC Voltage, battery back-up and solar charge voltage. Now you can identify problems before they arise.

Easy Installation

The system is simple to install and the beacons configure themselves automatically. No more costly and time-consuming manual configuration.

Lamp Failures

With Glance, You can see precisely which beacons need lamp replacements. This makes maintenance easier and keeps the system more effective.


Asset Control and Monitoring Systems play a critical role in managing today’s infrastructure and are essential in the traffic industry for improving safety, improving traffic flow, increasing accountability, optimizing resources, and planning for the future.

In general, the Nation’s highways are an aging asset, so maintenance, repair, and replacement costs are increasing as resources shrink. Transportation agencies have embraced the asset management decision making framework to help them highlight both the significance of highway infrastructure as an investment and the cost-effectiveness of systematic condition and performance monitoring and maintenance programs.


JSF Technologies’ Asset Control & Monitoring System (ACMS) offers offline scheduling via direct Wi-Fi connectivity or remote monitoring and scheduling when connected to cellular networks through Applied Information’s Glance® Smart City Supervisory Platform. (Cellular and Glance Connectivity Sold Separately).

JSF Technologies’ Asset Control & Monitoring System (ACMS) modules can be paired with all FL and AB Series product lines for any application requiring scheduled or on-demand activation of warning systems.

Contact JSF Technologies further information and potential solutions for improved transportation infrastructure and safety.  

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Improved Safety

Effective asset control and monitoring systems can help improve safety by identifying potential hazards and risks. By monitoring traffic signals, road signs, and other infrastructure components, authorities can identify potential issues before they become accidents.

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