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JSF Technologies is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of renewable and energy-efficient intelligent signaling devices and illumination systems for the global transportation industry.

For the past 20-years, we have designed cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions that make roadways safer for vehicles and pedestrians, and have earned a reputation for delivering quality, cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions to cities and communities around the world.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. We provide support for our beacons for the life of the product and stand by the quality of our construction because we’re in the business of saving lives and we take that job very seriously.

At JSF Technologies, we use a consultative approach to ensure each unique challenge is addressed and understood and provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of every community. 

With ever-increasing volumes of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, communities are faced with the task of reducing risk of user conflict in areas where critical incidents can occur. All communities face the same challenges when it comes to improving safety, however effectively addressing these challenges can be unique to each community. 

Whether your goal is to improve pedestrian safety at mid-block crosswalks, heighten awareness of speed reduction zones, or enhance visibility of regulatory signage, JSF Technologies is here to help.

Keeping a low carbon footprint is another priority for us: by using solar power and wireless technology we are able to eliminate the need to run electrical power and the machinery for trenching. This makes safety available for any region with any budget while helping to sustain our planet.

Learning and growing are key to our business, and with every new technological advance in our industry, our goal is to provide the most reliable, efficient, and best-designed solar warning beacon equipment possible.

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