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Crosswalk and Illumination Systems are purpose-built traffic safety solutions designed to enhance pedestrian safety by improving pedestrian visibility and increasing awareness among motorists.

These devices go beyond their primary role of safeguarding pedestrians, actively contributing to the overall safety and quality of life in urban areas. Moreover, they serve as integral components in urban planning and contemporary transportation infrastructure.


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Add NEW a.i. Smart City Solutions to your beacons 

  • Easily view and control school beacon flashers

  • Advanced scheduling, scenarios, and override

The combined use of these solutions yields a substantial improvement in roadway safety. Their integrated approach involves advanced warnings and notifications, offering benefits to all roadway users and by enhancing the overall safety and livability of urban environments.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs)

​Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) are innovative pedestrian crossing devices designed to enhance safety at crosswalks. These beacons feature rapidly flashing LED lights in a rectangular pattern, drawing attention to pedestrians crossing the street. RRFBs have been shown to significantly increase driver yielding behavior, making them a valuable tool in improving pedestrian safety.

  • High Visibility Flashing Pattern

  • Crosswalk Yield Compliance

  • Improved Safety Perception

  • Simple Installation

  • Versatility


Solar Powered 

Designed to run continuously, each unit is completely self-contained and needs no external power, eliminating electrical bills and expensive trenching.



Amber Beacons for unidirectional marking

Bi-Directional Pedestrian Crossing


Amber Beacons
with adjustable rotation

Pedestrian-Activated Flashing Beacons


Amber Beacons with Universal Mounting Arms for multiple configurations.

Pedestrian Activated Remote Transmitter


Solar-powered, pedestrian activated remote transmitter.

Manually activated, battery-powered, hand-held transmitter.

Battery-Powered, Hand-Held Transmitter


Indoor, Cabinet-Mounted Remote Transmitter


Manually activated, cabinet-mounted remote transmitter.

Led-Embedded Signage


Single or dual-sided with 6-8 white or amber LEDs per sign.

Vertically Mounted Around A Warning Sign


Amber Beacons with Universal Mounting Arms for multiple configurations

Single-Sided RRFB


Single-sided RRFB lightbar with 3″ x 7″ LEDs and optional tell-tale LEDs.

Dual-Sided RRFB


Dual-sided RRFB lightbars with 3″ x 7″ LEDs and optional tell-tale LEDs.

Other configurations also available!

Our modular design allows easy customization, plus our in-house design and engineering team can create solutions for your unique application or functional requirement. For more information, inquire here.

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With three methods of activation, our crosswalk series beacons can be activated in a broad range of ways. We will find a solution to fit your needs.

Standard Ped Button

Audible Pedestrian Station

Passive Detection

Standard pedestrian-activated push button

Using audible tones to aid visually impaired in locating ped button and in crossing safely.

Radar activated detection


Through select partnerships, JSF Technologies has developed a new standard of advanced intelligent lighting systems. Introducing LumiWalk, a union of our AB Series crosswalk beacons with overhead illumination.

Vertical Luminance created by overhead crosswalk lighting is key to higher visibility of pedestrians. That heightened visibility paired with our crosswalk beacons creates optimal crosswalk lighting.


Crosswalk Beacons & Illumination

24-Hour Flashing Beacons

General Area Illumination

Programmable Beacons

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